PTV CNSL Vietnam Market Review Week 5/2018– Radical Vietnam Cashew Nut Shell Liquid News

PTV CNSL Vietnam Market Review – Radical Vietnam Cashew Nut Shell Liquid News

Week 05 from 28 January to 04 Febuary 2018

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The price of cashew nut shell liquid has dropped when it mismatched the CNSL Seller’s expectation. South Korean buyers have returned but the volume is just around 2,000 mts CNSL. Most of these exporting CNSL is from the stock because the newly produced CNSL is rare as a consequence of the short in shell supply. Export CNSL prices range from $460 to $470 per ton CIF Busan.

Local buyers ask for 7500 VND/kg cashew oil, but no transaction is made at this price. Due to the availability of cashew oil is too low, the sellers have strong belief to expect cashew oil prices at 7800 VND/kg – 8000 VND/kg.

According to the official news from Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas), the volume of imported raw materials in 2017 was 1,312,425 tons (increased 15.12% compared with 2016) import turnover value reached 2,562,318,479 USD (up 43.45%). Cashew kernel export volume was 362,687 Mts (down 8.49% from 2016) and turnover reached USD 3,623,906,235 (up 26.45%). Raw Cashew Nut Crop 2018 comes early in Africa with good weather conditions. The cashew kernel market is stable because Asian, US and European producers are still cautious. They are all waiting for signals of cashew harvest and only order in short term in February and March.

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