PTV CNSL Vietnam Market Review – Week 49

PTV CNSL Vietnam Market Review. 

Week 49 from 04 to 10 December 2017

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During the week 49, we had no record for CNSL export price due to no inquiries from furnace oil buyers who buy CNSL for burning. However, with the support of local demand from Cardanol producers, the cashew oil (extracted oil) kept on slightly increasing.

Cashew nut shell supply is still rare. By weekend, reportedly, shell price jumped up dramatically.

Heavy rains in December were recorded which were not conducive for Vietnamese cashew crop as it may affect the flowering and fruit setting. Rains should reduce going forward; otherwise it may pose challenge to Vietnam RCN crop, like that of last year.

The India CNSL market had the same situation when there was a substantial increase in the prices of raw cashew shells, CNSL and also the cake. Availability is less and the demand for CNSL is more from furnace oil industry. Price may surge ahead.

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