PTV CNSL Vietnam Market Review Week 4/2018 – Radical Vietnam Cashew Nut Shell Liquid News

PTV CNSL Vietnam Market Review – Radical Vietnam cashew nut shell liquid news.

Week 04 from 22 to 28 January 2018

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The Vietnam Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) kept stable against the previous week although the price of nut shell continued to fall to 2750 VND / kg. However, the amount of cashew nut collected was very little, so the decrease in cashew nut shell price did not drag the cashew oil price down. As informed in our previous report, the price of nut shell fell due to the higher supply of nut shell as kernel factories needed money to spend before the Lunar New Year and lower local demand for cashew oil. We had no record for CNSL exporting price.

Production started to shrink and close when workers are back to their home for Lunar New Year holiday. Therefore the demand for nut shell from oil extracting factories was down and so was the supply of nut shell within 01 month.

The residue price dropped to 1650 VND / kg.

Cashew kernels are at steady prices. After the Holiday season, demand for cashew kernels has accelerated but mainly for February and March shipments. Africa Cashew Crops come earlier thanks to good weather and will be harvested in early February in Nigeria, IVC, Ghana, Burkina Faso…

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