PTV CNSL Vietnam Market Review Week 11/2018– Radical Vietnam Cashew Nut Shell Liquid News

The Vietnam Cashew Shell Liquid (CNSL) was slightly reduced to $450 CIF Busan. The price kept stable during the week thanks to the good demand for CNSL. The cashew oil remained unchanged at 7500 vnd/kg.

As reported, the nut shell price continued on down trend. Its price was sharply down to 2450 vnd/kg when the Vietnam cashew crops is coming to the middle of the season. The decline in nut shell price was mostly transferred into the big drop of residue price from 1480 vnd/kg to 1320 vnd/kg. Therefore the cashew oil price was unchanged in comparison with the previous week.

The falling in cashew kernel price actually made the raw cashew nut shell price in Vietnam and Cambodia down too. It is said that such decrease was not only thanks to the more availability of RCN but due to the sharply drop in quality (lower RCN outturn).

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